Mothers tips for using rose water

My mother says that rosewater is the magic ingredient in her skincare routine. I only ever thought of it as something to use in recipes and an ingredient in perfumes. But it turns out that you can use it for lots of other things too.

Rosewater contains lots of different vitamins and antioxidants. It works as an anti-inflammatory, so it’s great for blemishes and dry skin. My mother says that rosewater helps to combat the signs of ageing too.

Clean hair

If you sprinkle a little bit of rosewater onto your hair when you’re in the shower, you won’t need to use any shampoo. The rosewater nourishes and hydrates your hair. According to my mother it helps with dandruff and scalp irritation too.


Rosewater isn’t just good for your skin, it’s good for your soul as well. It has a calming effect. Adding a cup of rosewater to your bath will make your soak in the tub even more relaxing. And if you want to really treat yourself, my mother recommends adding some rose petals to the water too. You’ll feel like you’re at a real spa.

A good night’s sleep

amount onto your pillow and maybe your duvet too before you go to sleep. It will help you to relax, which in turn will help you fall into a deep sleep. 

Make your own

You don’t have to buy expensive rosewater from an organic shop. My mother says it’s easy to make yourself. Choose some roses with a fragrance that you like. Pull the petals off the flowers and add them to a pan of water. Bring the water to the boil. Stir now and then, making sure that the petals stay under the water. Keep the lid on the pan, so that the wonderful fragrance doesn’t escape. Once the water is boiling, turn the heat down and allow everything to simmer for around an hour and a half. Strain the rosewater and pour it into a sterile bottle.


Rosewater cleanses the pores, which makes it a brilliant remedy against spots. Sprinkle a little rosewater onto a cotton pad and dab it on your face. Do this every day and you’ll start to see great results.

Ageing skin

Applying rosewater regularly helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. The vitamin C in rose petals stimulates production of a substance that renews cells, which gives your skin a fresh, youthful look. Sweep a cotton pad soaked in rosewater over any parts of your face that could do with a little rejuvenation once a day and you’ll see great results. 

Tired eyes

If you suffer from tired eyes, why not soak a couple of cotton pads in rosewater and place them over your closed eyelids? Allow them to work for a quarter of an hour and your eyes should feel much better when you take them off.  

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