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Winter word search

Can you find all 5 wintery words in this word search? ❄️ 🔍

Gingerbread house garland

This year, I wanted to make my Christmas decorations a bit more personal. I still

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Find the 10 differences!

I love difficult games and challenges. Can you find the 10 differences in this festive

Make a small Christmas tree

There’s nothing better than a Christmas tree if you ask me. But it doesn’t have

Help the animals through the winter!

Dogs As an animal lover, I always want to know exactly what I can do

Christmas bakes

Christmas tree cookies – 200 g butter – 125 g white caster sugar – 2 eggs

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Mushroom cookies

Autumn cookies Don’t these autumnal mushroom cookies look incredibly cosy? I love everything about autumn,

Lavender soaps

One thing I love doing is making my own soaps. I use them myself, but

Painting plates

Would you like to brighten up your dining table without buying yet more new things?


If you want to clear your mind, embroidery is the perfect mindfulness activity. Why not

Herbal honey and tea

Up until around a hundred years ago, minor health problems were often treated using herbs.

Summery mocktails

These deliciously fresh summer mocktails remind me of a warm summer evening where you can

Mothers tips for using rose water

My mother says that rosewater is the magic ingredient in her skincare routine. I only

Tomatoes from your own kitchen

Your own kitchen is a great place to grow tomatoes. They’re not just good for

Pineapple breakfast

Pineapple is one of my favourite fruits. It makes a delicious snack but it’s great