Summery mocktails

These deliciously fresh summer mocktails remind me of a warm summer evening where you can sit outside late into the night. Below I present my favourite non-alcoholic cocktail recipes.

Strawberry and lemon

Mix together an equal amount of real lemon juice and strawberry lemonade syrup. Add some sliced strawberries and a little sugar. Blend in a food processor. Pour into glasses, add some ice cubes and decorate with a mint leaf.

Mint and lime

Pour 250 ml of sparkling water into a tall glass. Add the juice of one lime. Crush two ice cubes and mix everything together. Add a slice of lime and garnish with a couple of edible flowers and a mint leaf to finish.

Passion fruit and lime

Cut four passion fruits in half. Scoop out the pulp and seeds and divide between two glasses. Add two teaspoons of sugar to each glass, along with two crushed ice cubes. Fill the glasses to the top with ginger beer.

Apple and lemon

Fill a glass halfway up with water and ice cubes. Cut a red apple and green apple into thin slices and add a few to each glass. Now add the juice of two lemons along with a lemon slice. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint.

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