DIY Valentine’s heart

Make a DIY valentine’s heart

So sweet, I found this present on the kitchen table this morning. It’s a DIY valentine’s heart! Had Rob made it for me in a romantic mood. The treasure! It’s actually not that hard to make yourself I thought to myself. And how nice is it to make your own gift for someone for Valentine’s Day? Of course, that’s much more special than just buying something, because you put your own time and love into it. That’s why I made one myself. I don’t know who I’m giving it to yet, but I’m happy to share this fun DIY with you!


– wooden board
– nails
– hammer
– red wool

This is how to make your DIY valentine’s heart

Draw a heart on the board using a pencil. Hammer the nails into the line you’ve drawn. Wrap the wool along the outer side of the nails
first, so you have the outline of the heart. Next, pull the thread over the nails that are opposite each other until the whole heart is filled with red wool. When you are satisfied, you can tie the wool and cut it off. Now your DIY valentine heart is ready.


Give it your own twist

The great thing about this project is that you can really put your own twist on it. Maybe you want to use a different colour of wool, or even multiple colours for a playful effect. Maybe you cover the board in a pretty wallpaper pattern. And you can also write a sweet message with it to make it a bit more personal. Who will you give your valentine heart to?
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