What’s your birthstone?

What's your birthstone

What’s your birthstone?

Gemstones come in every colour, shape and size. They have been highly valued since ancient times, for their beauty but for their other characteristics too. Some crystals and stones are believed to possess certain powers, which can be What’s your passed to the person wearing them. There are particular gemstones that can help you relax and stones that can provide you with energy, or confidence. There are also stones that are associated with a particular month, known as birthstones. What’s your birthstone? Find out here.



Garnet – The deep-red garnet is associated with the first month of the year. In this dark month, garnets light the way through the night and provide protection from bad dreams.



Amethyst – Amethyst is a real royal jewel. It has been used to decorate kings’ crowns for hundreds of years. Amethyst brings peace and calm as well as protecting the wearer of this gemstone against poisoning.



Aquamarine – Greenish blue aquamarine used to be a sailor’s stone. They believed that this stone, with its ocean-blue colour, would protect them against accidents out at sea. Aquamarine also symbolises love and affection.



Diamond – When the first diamonds were discovered, around 2500 years ago, people thought they were splinters of stars, or petrified dew drops. Diamonds have been a symbol of everlasting love ever since.



Emerald – Emerald possesses many special powers. This gemstone is believed to cure many diseases and ailments, to help with infertility and to reduce visual impairments.



Pearl – Pearls come from oysters. If a grain of sand enters an oyster shell, it is surrounded with layers of mother of pearl, so that a pearl begins to form. Pearls symbolise happy marriage and loyalty.



Ruby – Wearing a ruby protects you against bad luck and ensures harmonious relationships. Rubies work especially well when worn on the left side of your body.



Peridot – Peridot was once very popular among pirates: they believed that the stone would protect them from all forms of evil. Peridot
reinforces the strength of medicines and remedies.



Sapphire – People who wear sapphire have clear insight, allowing them to predict the future or explain certain mysteries. It is also said that if a wearer of this stone does something wrong, the stone will lose its shine.



Opal – This stone represents innocence and purity. In the Middle Ages, people believed that wearing opal could make you invisible.



Topaz – This stone possesses powerful healing qualities. This gemstone helps with asthma and mental-health problems. But people who suffer from insomnia can benefit from the healing powers of topaz too.



Turquoise – The final stone of the year brings happiness and harmony. Turquoise also protects against negative energy and reduces feelings of restlessness and anxiety.


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