DIY stacked up crockery

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Stack up your old crockery

Every time I wander through the thrift shop, I see cupboards full of beautiful crockery. Those pretty cups, dainty plates, charming bowls… I want to take them all and give them a second life. But then again, at home my crockery cupboard is already full of them. And Rob is only too happy to let me know when I go to the thrift store again. Now I have found the solution to still get these treasures into the house without Rob being able to say anything: by making beautiful interior decoration with them. And guess what? Now there are new ‘thrift store cups’ sparkling in our room again! I am therefore also happy to share this fun DIY with you.

What you will need

  • old crockery
  • (porcelain) or contact glue
  • drawing pin (for candlestick)
  • candle (for candlestick)
  • plant (for vase)
  • flowers (for vase)

Find tableware

Get old cups, saucers or other crockery you like at the thrift shop. Maybe you have some old crockery of your own that you can get started with.


Create beautiful combinations and glue the parts together with strong contact or porcelain glue.

Vary your stacked up crockery

You can make many different things with this. Think of a candlestick, a vase or an etagere.

Candlestick: To add a candle, glue a pin to the candlestick so you can pin the candle.

Vase: Plant a nice plant in a cup or use your artwork as a vase.

Etagere: By adding different sizes of plates, you can also make an etagere with old crockery.


I look forward to seeing what beautiful things you will make with this tip.

Love, Daphne

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