Eucalyptus leaves

Eucalyptus klei


This eucalyptus arrangement has a Japanese feel to it. It’s creative, modern and very original. It’s quite easy to make and you’re bound to get lots of compliments if you place it in the middle of your dining table. I’d love to see how your creation turns out.

You will need:

– skewers
– 500 g modelling clay
– A couple of drops of water-based paint
– gold embroidery thread
– needle
– a rolling pin or a smooth bottle
– a piece of baking paper

1. Tear

Tear off small pieces of clay, in different sizes. Add a dab of paint to each little piece of clay. You might like to choose a few different colours to use.

2. Roll

Roll the pieces of clay into neat balls and then flatten them completely with a rolling pin or bottle. Make sure they’re paper thin! Use a skewer to make a little hole in the middle.

3. Dry

Leave the clay to air dry. If your leaves are really thin, the edges will start to curl up a little bit as they dry. That’s okay, as it helps to create a really natural effect. Wrap the gold thread around some of the leaves by passing it through the hole in the centre a few times.

4. Thread

Now thread the leaves onto the skewers. Tip: If you’d like your skewers to be curved, like a real twig, you can soak them in water first and then carefully bend them into the desired shape. Make sure the sticks have had time to dry fully before you thread on the leaves.

You could try threading different things onto skewers to create new artworks too. Use your imagination and play around with different colours and shapes. Be creative and, most importantly, have fun!