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Plum cake

Today, I sat in my armchair with a cup of coffee and ate a piece

Bundt cake with nuts and caramel

This bundt cake is so tasty because it combines sweet sponge with salty caramel and

Pumpkin pie

As soon as you see pumpkins at the greengrocer and supermarket again, you know that

Filled backed apples

These backed apples filled with nuts, cinnamon and honey are perfect for the cozy days.

4x lunch salads

4 delicious lunch salad ideas.

Fruit tarts with custard pudding

Sweet fruit tarts with mixed berries.

Strawberry ice creams

Who doesn't like strawberry ice creams? They're the best when home made!

Kiwi ice lollies

Healthy kiwi ice cream recipe.

Blueberry ice creams

Healthy ice creams with blueberries, yoghurt and banana.

Cheesecake ice cream

Making cheesecake ice cream and cones yourself.

Cooking on the campfire

Recipes you can make on a campfire

Dipped strawberries

These strawberries are perfect for a special occasion. They’re delicious to eat and fun to

Father’s Day chocolates

Chocolates with maple syrup


Simple but delicious.

Egg muffins

With cherry tomatoes, bell pepper and onions.