Mothers tips for lemon-flavoured water

Even when I was a small child, my mother started each day with a glass of water with lemon. And she still does. Because, she says: a lemon a day keeps the doctor away. And it’s true, my mother is never actually ill.

Less often ill

Lemons are a gift from nature, according to my mother. They’re packed with vitamins A, B and C, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium and fibre. Your body especially likes vitamin C, as it strengthens your stamina. Your immune system can then do its job better, meaning you are less likely to suffer from the flu, sore throats and colds. And as a bonus, after a glass of lemon juice your body is better able to absorb iron from your food.

Good for losing weight

Lemon juice is also often recommended if you want to lose weight, and there is an obvious reason for this: lemon juice improves your digestion. It’s a bit of a technical story as to how this exactly works and I don’t completely get it, but in terms of composition, lemon juice appears to closely resemble gastric acid. As a result, it can work wonders on your stomach. And it puts your gut to work.

Younger for longer

My mother is convinced that she owes her beautiful skin to the lemon juice she drinks every morning. It ensures her skin retains its elasticity and prevents wrinkles from forming. In addition, lemons ensure that waste products are removed from your body, which in turn guarantees clearer skin. So she doesn’t need any creams for that.

Flexible joints

The most important thing to keep your joints flexible is, of course, plenty of exercise. But if you have pain in your joints, drinking lemon juice can help relieve that pain somewhat.

Stable blood pressure

As lemons keep your blood vessels supple, they can also influence your blood pressure. Lemons can help, especially if you regularly suffer from low blood pressure. As your blood vessels become less stiff, your blood pressure becomes more stable.